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Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 release candidate can be downloaded now.

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How to configure network connections

  • System -> Administration -> Networking
  • Network settings
      Connections Tab -> Select "Ethernet connection" -> Properties
Connection -> Enable this connection (Checked)
Connection Settings -> Configuration: Select "DHCP/Static IP address"
DNS Tab -> DNS Servers -> Add/Delete

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How to activate/deactivate network connections

  • System -> Administration -> Network
  • Network settings
      Connections Tab -> Select "Ethernet connection" -> Activate/Deactivate

Note: in Feisty, the network names have changed. Instead of "Ethernet connection", you may have "Wireless connection", "Wired connection" and "Modem connection". Also, they don't have an Activate/Deactivate option. Instead, go to "Properties", and activate or deactivate from there.

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How to configure Pidgin for Google Talk

First, you'll need to configure your client to connect to the Google Talk service.

To configure your account:

  1. Open Pidgin.
  2. From the Accounts menu, select Add/Edit.

  3. Click Add from the Accounts window.

  4. Enter the following information in the Add Account window:

    • Protocol: XMPP
    • Screen Name: your Google Talk username (without any @ symbol or domain).
    • Server: Enter a server value depending on your type of account:

      • Gmail account users should enter
      • Google Mail accounts ( should enter
      • If you're signing in with a Google Account that's not linked to any Google email service, enter
      • Google Apps users, please visit the Apps Help Center for instructions

    • Password: we suggest leaving this field blank for increased security, but if you'd like to log in automatically, enter your password
    • Local Alias: leave this field blank
    • Remember password: check the box if you'd like Pidgin to remember your password (you won't be prompted to enter it each time you log in, if you select this option)
    • New mail notifications: check the box if you'd like Pidgin to notify you of unread email in your inbox.

  5. Click Save.
Congratulations! You're now ready to connect to the Google Talk service using Pidgin.

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How to disable root user account

To disable root user Password type below command in terminal:-

sudo passwd -l root

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How to set/change/enable root user password

To set/change/enable root user password type command below in terminal:-

sudo passwd root

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How to Install Pidgin

Pidgin is a graphical IM program that lets you sign on to AIM, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, and other IM networks. It uses GTK+. It was formerly called Gaim.

Install Pidgin 2.0.0 on Ubuntu Feisty

Download Pidgin 2.0.0 packages from here or here


Install .deb packages using the following command

sudo dpkg -i pidgin_2.0.0-1_i386.deb

If you want more details after installation check here

Install Pidgin 2.0.0 Plugin Pack on Ubuntu Feisty

This plugin pack contains the following plugins

Plugins in the Plugin Pack

1. Album
2. Auto Accept
3. Auto-rejoin
4. Auto Reply
5. awaynotify
7. Buddy Icon Tools
8. Buddy List Options
9. Buddy Note
10. buddytime
11. chronic
12. convcolors
13. Dice
14. DiffTopic
15. Magic 8 Ball
16. Flip
17. gRIM
18. Group Message
19. Hide Conversation
20. IRC Helper
21. Irssi Features
22. Last Seen
23. List Handler
24. Marker Line
25. My Status Box
26. napster
27. New Line
28. Nick Said
29. Offline Message
30. Old Logger
31. Plonkers
32. Schedule
33. Separate and Tab
34. Show Offline
35. Sim Fix
36. Slash Exec
37. SSL Info
38. Stocker
39. Switch Spell
40. Talk Filters
41. XMMS Remote
42. XChat-Chats

You can download Pidgin 2.0.0 Plugin Pack from here or here


Install Pidgin 2.0.0 Plugin Pack Using the following command

sudo dpkg -i purple-plugin-pack_1.0-1_i386.deb

This will install all the plugins menctioned above.

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